Emotional problems in children can be traumatic for everyone. You may not know where to start in terms of determining how all this came about, did you miss some vital clues or signals or is this the start of something new which may indicate an underlying disability and which is now only manifesting itself?

However before your mind runs riot on you, step back a little and allow some breathing space both for you and your child.

There may be a perfectly simple explanation why your child is exhibiting the emotional problems that they do.

Do not assume that something more sinister is going on unless you have eliminated all other possibilities and have engaged the services of a professional to do their own evaluation if things do not improve.

I recently publishes something on children with emotional problems. In it I addressed the alarming fact that more and more as a society we are seeing children with emotional problems. Whether this is because we are more tuned in or whether there is a serious underlying cause of emotional problems in children-well the jury is still out in my mind!

I also asked a simple yet important question of why do children have emotional problems, followed by how you can tell if your child has an emotional problem.

There are a number of childhood disorders which can give rise to emotional problems. I included them so you can see what constitutes emotional problems from a disorder perspective.

I then look at what parents can to do help their kids deal with emotional issues and most importantly I include a section on what kids can do to regulate their own emotions.

Finally I added in a poll on whether you believe tough love is all that is needed for parenting kids with emotional problems!

All this can be found by clicking the link below!


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