When parents first find out that they have a special needs child they may believe they did something wrong to bring this upon themselves. They may say “why me” .

Others seem to deal with things better and accept whatever life throws at them and although very upset at what they now have to accept , they are better able to cope and handle the outcome and deal better with having a special needs child.

It really does depend on the individual in terms of the type of life experiences, religious convictions and personal beliefs how they handle having a  child with special needs.

Some will see it as a curse having a child with special needs, and others as a type of blessing bestowed on their family. Both sides deserve to be heard out.

 Worries For A Child With Special Needs

Some parents may fear for what the future may hold for their child and how they can possibly cope with having a child with special needs. They may anticipate what others will say to them or behind their backs and may anticipate a major lifestyle change which may involve one of them giving up employment, loss of income, more time spent in therapies, interventions etc and this may seem overwhelming.

Counting Your Blessings

For those who see it as a blessing, they may be familiar with what special needs involves and feel able to cope with meeting their childs needs. They may find it easier to separate their child from the disability and deal with each challenge as it comes with a degree of resolution to make the best life possible for their child.

I feel very privileged to be where I am now. My life is enriched with children I adore. I have evolved more as a person in so many ways and have learned  to be compassionate, appreciate ever day and to see wonder in every child with special needs.

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