In this article I am going to tell you how to help with sibling relationships. The reason I am going to do this is because parents can experience a significant  amount of worry about how their child who happens to have special needs will react to the arrival of their sister or brother or how their child will react to their new sibling who has special needs.

They may worry whether they will be able to cope with an additional child in the house who is very dependent on them in addition to the requirement of their child with special needs for their time, energy and resources.

In this article I will discuss

  • How best to prepare your  child for the new baby
  • How best to help your child adapt to the new baby when he or she arrives, and
  • How to ensure all your children get what they need from you as parents

Firstly it is important to prepare your child or children in advance for the new arrival. Depending on how your child responds and learns best, you may have to talk to him or her about the new baby coming, show them pictures in a book, take them to places where there are new babies and kids such as parks, visit other families with new babies etc so they get used to the concept of their being someone else around the house who will get your attention also.

Involve them in picking things out for the baby’s room and have them pick a gift for the baby and ask them what they would like the baby to buy for them in return.

Ask your friends and families to give as much fuss to your  child with special needs as the new arrival so your child won’t see it as much as a “big deal”.

Your child may not be ready to be seen as a big brother or sister so do not expect too much of them. They will with your love, help and support learn to love their sibling and the sibling will also love them when they are old enough to understand.

Show appreciation for the little things your child with special needs does, even if it is just passing you something for the baby or telling you the baby is crying and involve them in the daily activities of the babies routine but do not forget to spend some real quality one on one time with your child so they will know that underneath it all, things haven’t changed all that much!

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