When it comes to articles on parenting for special needs children, I see this post as a resource for parents to acknowledge how they feel when their beloved child has a mental or physical health issue. Here I mainly focused on the feelings of anguish as it can be so overwhelming.

A parents dreams for their child can be shattered overnight and they may feel absolutely out of their depth dealing with childhood mental health issues.

Prior to the birth of a child, it is usually an anxious time. You ask yourself will the delivery go okay and whether there will be risks and then after all this has passed you relax a little. You take it easy until you start to notice something different or maybe someone makes some observations. Depending on the disability, this can take a long time before a diagnosis is formally made.

But once you suspect something, things are never the same again and that is why sourcing articles on parenting for special needs kids is so important. From that point on-wards, you are always observing, waiting, pondering and then when it finally presents itself, you find it so tough to deal with it and accept it.

Your universe as the parent  of a special needs child becomes a very different place and you worry about the world your cherished daughter or son will live in.

Feelings experienced by parents of special needs children

These feelings are very normal and because each individual has a distinctively different experience, we each process this information on a childs prognosis a bit differently and move through different emotional stages at our own speed and in our own time frame.

At this time of great distress, it is not unusual to withdraw from others, be drained of strength, rest little and find it difficult even to do the easiest of activities. You may also find you do things out of character that you normally would never do. Try to source some articles on parenting to gain wisdom from other parents who have been in a similar situation.

On top of this we may be conscious that there are other family members we are neglecting but feel disempowered to do anything about it.

In assisting parents of special needs children cope, some turn towards alcohol, smoking cigarettes, depression medication or tranquilizers as a non permanent coping technique. Check out some articles on parenting to help you cope in a more holistic way.

All these raw emotions will not stay raw forever and there will be a degree of recovery over time. Be nice to yourself, take some small steps in your recovery and accept what support is given even for the time being by families, friends and support groups and above all avoid making any essential judgements until the pain has subsided.

Remember, no matter how many articles on parenting you read, your experience will be unique to you. Remember  you are not alone, although you may feel like the loneliest parent on the planet at this time.

Take comfort in articles on parenting that are relevant to you and don’t be afraid to admit you don’t have all the answers-someone will always be there to help.

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